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Baauer announced last month that he would be returning with his first new album in four years, and now he's offered another taste of the project.

Following the release of "PLANET'S MAD," the title track from his upcoming album, Baauer has dropped the animated video for "REACHUPDONTSTOP." With a surreal visual style that sees masked individuals (and creatures) dancing in the street, the video matches the apocalyptic feel of the driving track.

The bass-heavy performance isn't without its moments of beauty, as it offers a brief break from the relentless percussion with serene waves of synths. Directed by Rick Farin and Clair Cochran's Actual Objects (who also helmed "PLANET'S MAD"), the video gives an indication of what mood Baauer is hoping to accomplish on the full album.

Upon announcing the new project, he explained that PLANET'S MAD is a concept album about a mysterious planet that appears near earth. People begin to worship the planet, while others hope to destroy it. On the planet itself, there's plenty of joy to be found. He described the story as a metaphor for social media, with stans and critics fighting it out.

Check out the video for "REACHUPDONTSTOP" above, and look out for PLANET'S MAD when it drops via Lucky Me on June 5.