Young Chop has been taking countless shots at rappers and producers recently, and now he's put his issues on record. While Chop is usually more known for his production work, his new track "You Know What We Do" sees him rapping and taking shots at Drake, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and French Montana, among others.

The song comes after a tumultuous week for Chop, who was arrested in Georgia for reckless conduct. In an Instagram Live stream the day before his arrest, Chop said he was taking an Uber to try and track down 21 Savage, whom he had been trading shots with earlier in the week. Chop reportedly brandished a firearm during the stream when he argued with an unidentified man. He and the Uber driver were later followed by the man, who allegedly fired shots at the vehicle before driving off. Shortly after he was free to go, he said that he was taken into custody for expired tags.

"Slide through your block, I'm looking for them," Chop raps on the newly dropped "You Know What We Do," possibly referencing the incident from this week.

Young Chop has been on a spree of calling out rappers recently, with 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and French Montana all responding to his shots. "Cause you from Chicago you just the toughest n*gga in America?" 21 asked on an Instagram Live stream. "We don't give a fuck where you from, that shit don't make you tough."

Meek, however, said that he was concerned for Chop's mental health. "It's obvious Chop having some mental issues," he wrote. "Y'all be gassing stuff so much y'all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well." Similarly, French Montana expressed concern for Chop's safety. "Is only a matter of time till somebody take his life," he tweeted.