A couple of months ago, London-based rapper and singer Bexey dropped his fourth EP Blood, Magic & Diamonds — a six-track showcase of his fluid delivery style that smudges the lines between singing and rapping. Today, he's revisiting the project to give some dramatic visual treatment to key track "Flatline".

Bathed in heavy rain and backed by a ruined castle in the rolling Swiss countryside (giving the video an almost gothic horror aesthetic), Bexey blends together all his different flows and caps it off with a suitably moody and irresistible hook. The influence of his late mentor, Lil Peep, is apparent throughout — at least through attitude and approach — although his sound is very much his own. That sound has evolved a great deal since he started and over the years has taken in R&B, rock, punk and a few different styles of rap. However, with Blood, Magic & Diamonds, there's no disputing Bexey's sounding more confident and more himself than ever.

Speaking on the idea behind the track and its video, Bexey told us: "'Flatline' is an intense mix of emotions I was feeling at that time: confusion, paranoia, vexation. I remember driving through the misty roads of Switzerland on tour and just looking out the window and seeing this crazy castle in the clouds. We all looked at each other like 'Yooo... we're shooting a movie right now.'"