New footage has surfaced from Trick Daddy's January arrest

TMZ obtained the nearly four-minute body camera clip that depicts the moments leading up to the rapper's arrest. In the video, police allege that they were called because Trick was driving erratically. He admitted to police that he had been drinking "about two to three hours" before he got behind the wheel, but he refused to take a field sobriety test. 

Declining this test led to Trick Daddy's eventual arrest. While he was being detained, police searched Trick's person and his rented SUV. During the search, authorities found loose money in his pocket. As they were counting the cash, a white powder fell out of one of the dollar bills. Trick didn't answer them when they asked him about the substance, which they presume was cocaine.

Trick Daddy ended up being charged with driving under the influence and cocaine possession. He was sent to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami where he was released the same day on a $6,000 bond. Trick's blood-shot mugshot created a viral reaction, forcing the rapper to remind people that he's fighting lupus.