During this time of panic and confusion, some are turning to religion to help them understand the world's woes. DMX is no exception. The rapper took to Instagram Live, where he hosted a virtual Bible study. 

During Friday's session, X decided to help people come to terms with the coronavirus pandemic by reading several scriptures from the Bible. Fans and followers were moved by X's enthusiastic reading of Ecclesiastes, leading them to show their appreciation on the timeline. 

DMX also offered a sermon on how to keep your faith and hope through these trying times. X explained that everything happens because of God's will and trying to understand it would be doing yourself a disservice.

X closed out the Bible study by providing a space for people to give their lives to Christ. 

Last year, DMX made his return to the stage after checking himself into rehab in October. After performing several of his hottest hits at Hakkasan Las Vegas, including "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," "Where the Hood At?" and "X Gon' Give it to Ya," the rapper made sure he mentioned his struggle and how God saw him through it.

"When you fall down, get back up. Everyone here has been through some shit and you never know what God is willing to do for you until you need him to do something for you," he said in December.