Dreamville has unleashed an entertaining visual for Revenge of the Dreamers III highlight "LamboTruck."

Featuring Cozz, Reason, and Childish Major, the Neal Farmer-directed video brings the lyrics of the track to life. With some clever digital effects, including multiple Childish Majors and some cool time manipulation, the video all leads up to the playful final verse.

The track initially caught attention from some fans for the third verse, in which Cozz and Reason talk about the pros and cons of robbing Dreamville boss J. Cole. Eventually they agree to beat up each other's label bosses, with Reason taking Cole and Cozz taking TDE's Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith. Neither of them appear in the video, so instead Cozz and Reason take it all out on a pair of cardboard cutouts.

Prior to the release of the video, Dreamville shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes clip of J. Cole reacting to the song.

Watch the video for "LamboTruck" above.