YNW Melly revealed last week that he had tested positive for coronavirus while in jail, and now he's asking for an early release.

The rapper is suffering from chills, difficulty with breathing, and aches all over his body since he tested positive last week, according to his lawyer Bradford Cohen. "He still has headaches and body aches. Mr. Demons is 114 lbs. The jail is just ill prepared if his diagnosis takes a turn for the worse," Cohen said in legal documents filed on Monday, which call for the emergency motion for his conditional release. "They have not given them masks, or cleaning supplies that would be beneficial regarding his recovery."

Cohen added that employees at the prison are supposed to be checking in on Melly every hour, but he says they have not monitored his client every night. Additionally, he has been placed in a cell with another inmate with COVID-19. Melly is currently awaiting trial for his alleged involvement in the double murder of Anthony "YNW Sakchaser" Williams and Christopher "YNW Juvy" Thomas Jr., although he has denied killing them.

In a post shared to Melly's Instagram last week, it was announced that Melly had filed a motion for "restricted release" to get better care. "He hopes for your support and to recover soon."

Last week, controversial rapper 6ix9ine was given home release early due to coronavirus concerns, although he is more vulnerable due to his asthma.