Low-end specialist Subzero has been honing his talents as both producer and selector in the overlapping worlds of garage and bassline for well over a decade now. Beginning in 2006, Subz released his first track "Rock With Me" while still in his teens, and very quickly made a name for himself as a major player in the Northern bassline scene. Since then he's responsible for a tonne of the biggest 4x4 anthems, often working with the absolute top tier of vocalists and producers including Shystie, Dread MC, Sacha, DJ EZ and more.

Recently, the Manchester native took a bit of a hiatus, but made a triumphant return earlier this year when he was invited by DJ Target to appear on a special bassline takeover show. The show was an enormous success and with that win pushing him along, it looks like he's here to stay—Subz is now looking forward to the next chapter of his career and has promised a stack of new music, some big-name collabs, and there's even talk of a tour.

Undeterred by the lockdown that's put such a stranglehold on our social lives (and raving schedule), Subz has stepped up in a big way, getting our feet moving with weekly Quarantine Club sets on Instagram Live that took fans right back to bassline/4x4's glory days. To show our gratitude, we called on him to hop on the decks once more for the 48th edition of Complex Sessions

Tell us a bit about your selections in this mix.

People say that bassline music originated from "niche" or speed garage; a lot of music from then were vocals over nice, bouncy beats. In this mix, I wanted to reflect that, so I've selected some feel-good tracks that, to me, played a big part in the bassline scene and helped shape the sound between the era of when I played at big bassline events. There's some timeless classics in there, some real crowd-pleasers.

What was the one track you absolutely had to include?

My track with Sacha, "Be With Me". It's my most successful track to date, and the one people mostly know me for.

Any tracks that narrowly missed the cut?

Too many to mention! [Laughs]

What's the first single or album you ever bought?

So Solid Crew's They Don't Know. For me, that whole album was epic: from the productions to the music videos, So Solid are just iconic. They also inspired me to be different from the rest and not be afraid to make the music I want to make. 

What's the last physical record you bought?

United Sounds Of Bassline Volume 1 on vinyl. It featured two of my tracks: "Be With Me" featuring Sacha, and "Rock With Me" featuring Ideal. That was a massive achievement in my musical career, being on there.

What do you want to see happen musically over the next 12 months?

I'd like to see the true sound of bassline rise up again. I want the culture and positivity around the scene to spread all across the UK and worldwide, like it should've done years ago. There are so many talented DJs, producers, artists and singers within the scene that need to be noticed.

What trend or scene absolutely needs to die right now?


Come on! Positive vibes only. Let everyone do their thing! 


1. Subzero - Rock With Me f/ Ideal
2. SWV - Can We (T2 Remix)
3. Nycole Valentina - With Me (Subzero Remix)
4. T2 - Why f/ Denica & Shanel
5. Caliber - Love Is Blind f/ Hannah
6. Subzero - Be With Me f/ Sacha
7. T2 - It's Not Easy f/ Davida
8. Subzero & Sacha - Sweet Revenge
9. Subzero - My Boo f/ Ideal
10. Mr. Virgo - Something Real f/ Tileasha
11. TS7 - Smile f/ Tonia
12. TRC - I Remember f/ Zoe
13. Brandy - Baby (DJ Q Remix)
14. DJ Q - Reasons
15. Danny Dubz ft Davinah - Runaway (TRC Remix)
16. Subzero - Part Time Lover f/ Natz
17. Alex Mills - Beyond Words (Witty Boy Remix)
18. Ciara - Promise (Mr V Remix)
19. DJ Denver - Lovely Thing (When I Laid Eyes On You)
20. TRC ft Zoe - Lately
21. Addictive - Right There(Burgaboy Remix)
22. Subzero ft Shystie - Pull It (Bad Gyal Bass)