Louisville rapper 2KBABY has released his debut EP Pregame Rituals via Masked Records/Warner Records.

The project includes features from G Herbo, YFN Lucci, and Lil Durk. Prior to its release, 2KBABY release the remix for his breakout song “Old Streets,” featuring Durk, as well as the single and accompanying video for “Faxts.”

“It's genuine and it's authentic,” 2KBABY told Complex, when asked to describe his music. “You can feel that shit. I be trying to make my music so that anybody from any walk of life can feel that shit. Not just street n****s. I'm a street n***a, I don't have to prove that shit to nobody. That shit don't got to be proven, it's already there. I've got that. What else can I do? I'm trying to expand. I'm more than a street n***a. I'm trying to be bigger than that. I don't even like calling myself a street n***a. That's labeling yourself. I'm a grown ass man at the end of the day.”

Stream Pregame Rituals below or on Apple Music.