Young Thug has waded into misguided coronavirus conspiracy theory waters.

Late Monday night, Thugger shared a photo of a passage from the Holy Bible (Good News Translation), specifically highlighting a passage about rain and locusts and evil and whatnot that has been shared by others in response to news earlier this month about locusts in East Africa and South Asia. 

Not only are those aforementioned locusts actually linked to climate change, but any time someone throws up some scripture in times like these (i.e. our current COVID-19 era), it's troubling to realize that the underlying argument being made is that humankind somehow deserves what is happening due to some vague predisposition. 

Thugger's bible moment arrives on the heels of an extended act of conspiracy theory-sharing by Keri Hilson. Eschewing religious interpretation in favor of a baseless 5G technology-centered theory, Hilson erroneously told fans that "what we're going [through] is the [effects] of radiation."

Later, however, Hilson removed all her tweets and explained that management had instructed her to do so. "I appreciate good discourse on unconventional thinking," she said on Monday, clarifying that she recognizes the virus as "a real thing."

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