The Weeknd is keeping fans fed.

More than a week after releasing his After Hours album, the Toronto-born artist posted several video teasers on his social media accounts on Sunday. The clips showed Abel inside a casino, as an unreleased track played in the backdrop. One of the posts was captioned, "a few lullabies tonight"—pretty much confirming that new music was on the way.

The Weeknd fueled the speculation with a tweet that featured three phrases: "Nothing Compares," "Missed You," and "Final Lullaby."

As expected, the Weeknd delivered three new tracks called, you guessed it, "Nothing Compares," "Missing You," and "Final Lullaby."

The songs are bonus tracks for the Weeknd's critically acclaimed studio album After Hours. The project—which included singles like "Blinding Lights," "Heartless," and "In Your Eyes"—debuted at No. 1, with the biggest week of the year (444,000 equivalent album units). Abel expressed his gratitude online, specifically thanking the team behind the album as well as his fans.

You can stream the three songs now on all major platforms.

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