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Although born in Oregon, emerging R&B talent Nyah Grace has actually spent most of her live in the UK, spending much of her recent years between Yorkshire and London. Finding inspiration in greats like Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo and Estelle, Nyah's sound is defined by a combination of neo-soul and jazz.

She made her debut with "Black Coffee" last year, before releasing her latest single "Sunday" on Valentine's Day. Now she's back to bring the gently bumping track to life with some suitably laid-back visuals. Directed by Danny Lowman, the chilled and lowkey video follows Nyah as she takes us on a guided tour of Brick Lane, through the markets and the bustling streets, sampling the wares and taking in some of the mouth-watering food on offer.

Speaking on the making of the track, Nyah explained: "We went back and forth with the production a lot on this one, the album’s first single. I wanted a hip-hoppy vibe, and I really love it." 

The contrast between the non-stop pace of South London and the calming quiet of the North of England (as well as her initial home in Oregon) has had a direct influence on her sound. With writing and recording on her debut album, Honey-Coloured, already underway, she's teamed up with Grammy-nominated Steve Chrisanthou up North and Michael Kwesi Graves down South to immortalise that contrast in the songs themselves.