Italian dubstep outfit Numa Crew, founded in Florence back in 2005, have more than a decade in the game and it's given the seven-strong collective a formidable reputation and a rock solid sound that adds dancehall and ragga to the steppa sound that first inspired him. 

The latest example of this sound system-ready heat is "Babylon", a new collaboration with our very own London City Warlord, Riko Dan. With marching drums and a towering wall of bass, Riko strides fearlessly over the beat and through the cash-soaked financial centre of our capital, making scathing reference to the worsening wealth gap, the erosion of morality, and the increasing reverence for cash and greed.

Like the anyone who's not sitting pretty in Canary Wharf, Riko's angry and with good reason. Woe betide anyone who stands in his way.