House music fans will be delighted to learn that Toronto-based DJ and producer Demuir is teaming up with New York's Junior Sanchez to found Kultur, a new label that they hope will bring house music back to its inclusive, diverse and progressive roots. To christen the new outfit, which launches next month, they've also come together to produce a split EP, Da Kultur (due April 3).

The new EP promises four original productions (plus a dub version), two from Sanchez and two from Demuir. One such track is "Bitch, U Gotta Work", a scorching hot piece of club music driven by frantic bongo drum patterns, a relentless and full-bodied bassline, and a clipped vocal snippet, all of which move at a dizzying pace — stopping just short of overwhelming the listener.

Speaking with Complex via email, Demuir told us: "Kultur represents what has been missing in our industry for some time now. It pays the right level of respect to our roots, which is Black, Gay, Straight, Latino, White, etc…being truly inclusive with a progressive and forward thinking commitment to authenticity in underground music."

Junior Sanchez added: "We developed Kultur in order to express the culture and ever evolving movement in our scene, with a true sense of house music and techno in its purest form. We do this with a lot of heart and soul, our parties will showcase all DJs who release music with us, without boundaries bias or cliques. We are also curating workshops and panels in every city we go to, to shed light on the culture and help keep the narrative true and correct for future generations. We want future generations to understand where this comes from, so that our culture doesn't get erased or changed by the dilution of truth."

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