Italian house music duo Brokenears, aka Marco Santoro and Andrea Maggino, have made a career as purveyors of the very best of rave culture's history. From old school '80s classics to the 2020 underground, Brokenears have soaked it all up and their enthusiasm for it is boundless. Although the pair have been kicking out bangers for a few years now, they've yet to release their debut EP; but that's all set to change on April 2 when they release their upcoming Friday Night EP. 

Getting us all fired up for that is the EP's first single, "Feel The Power", which samples Love Decade's 1991 stone cold classic "So Real", jetting it into the 21st century with a galloping bassline and some ultra snappy percussion. While it may be some time until we're able to enjoy this in the proper club setting, "Feel The Power" is guaranteed to lift your mood no matter what.

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