People with large platforms should be spreading useful information about the COVID-19 pandemic, but M.I.A. decided to take an opposite approach. In a series of tweets Wednesday, the anti-vaxxer said she would "choose death" rather than be subjected to any vaccines.

"If I have to choose the vaccine or chip I'm gonna choose death," she tweeted. "Have a healthy life. Don't live in fear!" A vocal majority of fans responded negatively to the tweets, prompting her to respond in since-deleted comments. "Yeah in America they made me [vaccinate] my child before the school admission," she wrote, per Billboard. "It was the hardest thing. To not have choice over this as a mother. I never wanna feel that again. He was so sick for 3 weeks then Docs had to pump him with antibiotics to reduce the fever from 3 vaxins."

In another tweet, she urged her followers to not "stress the medical systems," telling them they are "going to be ok." She added, "You are fine. All the vaccines you ve already had is enough to see you through." While many called her out as an anti-vaxxer, she fought back by tweeting, "Cancelling is irrelevant."

As you might expect, people on social media were quick to condemn M.I.A.'s tweets. Here's just some of what they had to say.