Tina Knowles might have accidentally revealed that Beyoncé is working on some sort of new project.

In a new interview with WSJ Magazine, Knowles was asked about her art collection and why it’s important for her to surround herself with art.

“My art pieces are like my children,” she told the outlet. “I just lent some of my art pieces to Beyoncé for her new project that she’s doing, and I’m looking at my walls and it just makes me sad, because I miss seeing all my babies there.”

Knowles continued, “Art is so important because it inspires us. It is really important to surround your children, growing up African-American, with images of positive reinforcement and not the traditional ideas of what commercials say beauty is. It really makes a difference in your life.”

Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal any more details about Bey’s project, but hopefully, we hear more about it soon. Knowles also discussed her haircare and beauty routines, as well as her workout routine and Instagram habits.

One project Beyoncé recently dropped was her latest Ivy Park Adidas collaboration, which can be seen all over Knowles’ very popular Instagram account. At the end of January, Popeyes dropped a collection that mirrored the Ivy Park collection. 

Popeyes simulated Ivy Park’s maroon and orange color palette, which is actually the same colors that the chicken chain is known to use. The Popeyes collection, titled “That Look From Popeyes,” included athleisure pieces like sweatshirts and crewnecks emblazoned with the Popeyes logo. The company later alleged that the pieces are part of employee uniforms.