Plenty of people would be visibly upset if they were in Omarion's position. Yet the singer has chosen to keep calm in the public light and keep his cards close to his chest. 

During an interview with Big Boy on Monday, Omarion touched on B2K member and former friend Lil Fizz having a relationship with the mother of his children, Apryl Jones. Omarion started off by detailing his current status with Fizz.

"I don't have a relationship with Fizz," he said at the clip's one-minute mark. "But I think there should be an opportunity for us to talk one day. I don't know when that is."

Omarion went on to say that he and Fizz had an "in-and-out" friendship for 20 years before Fizz decided to date his ex. Omarion claimed he was finishing out the Millenium Tour with B2K when he learned of Fizz and Jones' relationship.

"A birdie just kind of floated the info to me," Omarion continued. "That was kind of it."

In 2019, Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz went public as a couple. Per Fizz, their relationship is fine because he and Omarion were never friends. Jones also did several interviews about being with Fizz, even claiming he gave her the "best pipe of her life." During this time, Omarion remained quiet. When he appeared on VladTV, Omarion gave stone-faced responses when asked about Apryl and Fizz.

It seems Omarion moves with intent over emotion. Shortly after Fizz and Apryl revealed their relationship, Omarion announced the Millenium Tour 2020. Bow Wow and Omarion will co-headline this run without Lil Fizz or B2K. Omarion also suggested to Big Boy that he's shaking things up behind the scenes to rectify his issues with the couple. 

"No doubt," Omarion said when asked if he's frustrated by people projecting their feelings about the situation on him. "Especially because people assume that nothing's being done."