The Wiley vs Stormzy saga continues. After Stormzy replied to Wiley's "Eediyat Skengman" with "Disappointed", Wiley clapped back with a sequel that accused him of not caring about grime, citing his use of the "Know Better" drill instrumental as an example of that.

Well, Stormzy's replied with "Still Disappointed", addressing every point Wiley's made and uses the classic "Mic Check" beat Mikey J made for Kano in 2005 to underline his point. We don't want to spoil this for you, but things are getting very personal, leaving us all to wonder exactly who is Stormzy's informant, because whoever they are, they're spilling their guts faster than we can keep up. 

Rumour has it a third edition of "Eediyat Skengman" is on its way too, so keep 'em peeled for that.