Where to start with this one? 

The short version of this labyrinthian beef is that it started with Dot Rotten and JAY1 firing shots at each other over a dispute with Steel Banglez. That's a story in itself, but not long after that, Dot turned his ire towards Skepta and Jme, accusing them of ripping off "Too Many Man" from him.

Dot then invited the entire grime scene to clash him, and Wiley took the bait. At some point, Dot then fired out a DM to a number of MCs, including Jaykae, accusing them of making an "alliance with my enemies." 

Jaykae then drops the "Shush" dub and there's a few back-and-forths between Jaykae, Wiley and Dot, before things briefly go quiet. Then, after a fan asks Wiley when he'll respond to Jaykae, he replies: "Never, he's with Ed and Stormzy now."

Wiley's focus then shifted as he simultaneously sprayed shots at Ed Sheeran, Jaykae, Aitch and Stormzy, accusing them of watering down grime and using the scene for their own benefit. Stormzy jumped into the fray and flexed his Twitter fingers. At this point, Wiley reiterated his criticisms of Stormzy's "Wiley Flow", claiming the track was not the homage everyone thinks it is. From there, Wiley and Stormzy went hard on Twitter, firing accusations so quickly it's been hard to keep up.

Then, last night, Wiley uploaded "Eediyat Skengman 1" to his YouTube, a hyped-up send for basically all of the above, although Stormzy takes the most heat. Among the accusations are claims that Stormzy paid for his number 1 with Burna Boy and Ed, that Stormz has ripped off Wiley for his own success, and that Stormzy is Worse than Ed with his watered-down music.

Take it in at the top and keep your eyes on your timeline for the next development.