LÜM, a social music streaming app with a focus on discovery, has officially launched on the Apple app store. Promising to allow fans to connect more directly with their favorite emerging artists, LÜM offers up a gamified version of music streaming that incentivises loyal fans over streaming numbers. 

Complete with a virtual gifting system that enables fans to support artists more than other streaming platforms, the app already has 24,000 artists on board. On top of that, 60,000 tracks are available for streaming straight away. Users can purchase in-app currency that will benefit musicians with a greater payout than streaming figures. Fans can even compete with one another to become the No. 1 fan of their favorite artists.

Also of note is how fans can become celebrities of their own on the app, earning pins and achievements that will let other users know they're a tastemaker.

Image via LÜM
Image via LÜM
Image via LÜM

Get ahold of the app here, and check out some screenshots above.