Not even one day removed from the release of the first single off Justin Bieber's new "r&bieber"-exploring album, fans now have a report teasing an alleged title and some possible collaborators.

TMZ shared a report early Friday claiming to have word from Bieber-adjacent sources that the new album will feature Travis Scott, Post Malone, Kehlani, and more.

The report adds that these same sources cited the album as being readied for release by March, with the recently announced tour set to begin a couple months after that. Though Bieber has not officially announced a title for his first new album since 2015's Purpose, the TMZ report says Forever is a "leading candidate," with the word notably having recently been tattooed on Bieber's neck.

"I feel like this is different than the previous albums just because of where I’m at in my life," Bieber previously said of this new era. "I’m excited to perform it and to tour it. We all have different stories. I’m just excited to share mine." As previously reported, Bieber's 2020 tour begins at CenturyLink Field in Seattle on May 14. The 10-part docuseries Seasons premieres on YouTube on Jan. 27. A video for the Kid Culture, Sasha Sirota, and Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd-produced "Yummy," meanwhile, is expected to arrive this weekend.

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