It can be difficult sometimes figuring out what to give someone for the holidays, but the best approach is to try and pick up on clues that tell you what that person wants. Charlamagne tha God claims to have done just that when he presented his The Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy with a gift on his first day back to the show from vacation.

"It's no secret that Envy flirts with me constantly on this radio [show]," Charlamagne said as Envy denied his claim. "He constantly flirts with me. I tried to get to this to him before the holidays 'cause I know he missed me over the past few weeks."

Clueless as to what could be inside the heavy white box wrapped with a gold ribbon, Envy excitedly demanded that Charlamagne hand it over as he was trying to provide him with hints at what awaited him.

Even after revealing that Envy's gift was a mold of Charlamagne's ass, there was another surprise that he didn't discover until he further explored the mold.

"Is this balls? Is that your balls?," Envy asked. "If you want 'em to be," Charlamagne responded. "What do you want them to be? Use your imagination, young man."

Charlamagne eventually got a "thank you" out of Envy after threatening that he "might take this to Human Resources."