ASAP Mob stopped by Breakfast Club headquarters this week for a discussion centered on the annual Yams Day celebration. The creative collective also addressed recent headlines involving Joe Budden, Donald Trump, and more.

About 19 minutes into the interview, ASAP Rocky was asked if word had gotten back to him about Budden's comments in which he argued that the Testing artist "wasn't a star in music." Rocky confirmed that he was aware of Budden's assessment, though he disagreed with its central theory.

"That's his opinion, you know," Rocky said. "I think it's contradictions in his statement and flaws but that's his opinion. Everybody got opinions." From there, Rocky was asked for his thoughts on the reception to his experimental 2018 album.

"Regardless if I liked it or not, it was what it was," he said. "It was very experimental for me. I don't care, bro . . . I'mma always experiment and do what I want. I'mma play with sonics. I'mma push it to the next limit."

The Budden comments in question arrived back in December. "He's not a star in music," Budden said on his podcast. "He's a star in this culture, a bright one, a big one."

Speaking on his Sweden arrest and related controversy, Rocky said he spoke with Trump on the phone. And while he didn't give Trump any direct credit for his eventual return home, he did note that he kept things "cordial" during the call.

"I spoke to him to thank him . . . I don't agree with all the political shit that he does at all but I was just, like I said, thankful for everyone who supported me in that," he said around 38 minutes into the interview. "Regardless of all the political shit, I kept it very cordial and very respectful." Rocky went on to argue that Trump, once his presidency has ended, will go back to being that guy from The Apprentice.

Elsewhere, Charlamagne asked the group if ASAP Mob has "become what Yams wanted it to be." Rocky ultimately landed on "maybe," noting that he's personally "fulfilled all my dreams." ASAP Ferg added some insight on a black book that Yams kept. The book, Ferg explained, included collab goals for Ferg that he's still carrying out to this day:

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