6ix9ine is facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, but prosecutors have reportedly indicated that they're willing to dismiss a firearms count against him. As Page Six reports, the controversial rapper could have ten years shaved off his potential time behind bars if the count is dropped.

After a year that saw him consistently in the news following a breakthrough 2018, 6ix9ine is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 18. He is facing a mandatory prison term as per federal sentencing guidelines, but due to his cooperation with the authorities against members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang, he could be a free man sooner than initially thought. He previously faced a minimum of 47 years in prison following his guilty plea to racketeering conspiracy and multiple other charges.

Federal prosecutor Michael Longyear has said that him and other prosecutors have agreed to drop the count, which stemmed from posession of a machine gun. "The Government will move to dismiss Count Two at sentencing," wrote Longyear. "Thus …the defendant’s mandatory minimum term of incarceration would be 37 years’ imprisonment."

Additionally, TMZ reports that people close to 6ix9ine have been sending letters to Judge Paul Engelmayer pleading for a shorter sentence. Among those to send letters asking for the judge to go easy is his mother, his girlfriend, his bodyguard, and his brother. Bodyguard Sam Sprouse called 6ix9ine "one of the most amazingly talented, surprisingly humble and seemingly most misunderstood kid[s]."

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