Quality Control Music co-founder Pierre 'Pee' Thomas has been accused of domestic violence by his former partner, Lira Galore. TMZ reports that legal documents filed by Galore claim Thomas was physically violent towards her for eight months of her pregnancy with his child, and she is asking for $15 million for the alleged abuse.

In the documents, Galore detailed five instances of the violence she endured. One alleged attack saw him punch her in the face and throw her to the ground, at which point she said he choked and punched her. As a result of that particular incident, she said she developed knots. Pee also allegedly ripped her ring off her finger, which caused him to dislocate it. The other four occasions she said she was punched and choked.

It's unclear when exactly the couple split, but it was sometime before she gave birth to their baby in April. She had previously alluded to his abusive behavior in a series of lengthy Instagram Story posts. "I'm tired of being bullied and disrespected when I've been nothing but nice to you and respected those around you," she wrote in one post. She also indicated that Pee had cheated on her in the posts.

In the legal documents, Galore said that Pee attempted to "make things right" when he bought her an SUV. However, less than two weeks after, he allegedly broke the driver-side window of the car and took it for himself. He allegedly paid her the $50,000 he spent on the car in exchange for her not talking to the police. Photos of the bruises he allegedly left her with were also provided in the documents. 

She is requesting sole physical custody of their child after Pee filed for joint custody earlier this year. The docs added that Pee "has consistently demonstrated physically violent, emotionally abusive, irrational, and erratic behavior." Galore has asked for a court order to keep him away from her and for him to submit to a psychological evaluation.

A representative for Quality Control Music did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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