Meek Mill sat down for a lengthy interview with Charlamagne Tha God, and he opened up about being a father, how much he's grown, and the project he was working on with the late Nipsey Hussle.

Early on in the interview, Charlamagne asked Meek what he has learned from the release of "Traumatized" on 2012's Dreams and Nightmares to "Trauma" on 2018's Championships. "The first one, I'm sick I've got a hood mentality," he said at the 2:00 point of the interview. He highlighted the line in which he said he wanted to kill the man who killed his dad, adding, "I don't think about shit like no more." 

Talking about his roots, he also explained how much death he was surrounded by early on and how that turned him to drug use. "When we lay down in the bed, we gotta smoke something and take a Benadryl or something," he added. "You start thinking about ten of your homies that got killed last year... I used to take Percs and shit like that, but all that came from a balance from dealing with shit like that." 

He admitted he used to be addicted to opioids later on at the 36 minute mark. When asked how much blame rappers should get for younger artists using drugs, Meek responded, "None. How much should social media should get regular fans for bashing these little kids all day?" He continued, "I be looking at a situation like Summer Walker." He showed concern for the singer, who expressed her struggles with anxiety online as people criticized her live show. "She probably was dealing with anxiety, but nobody give a fuck. They talking about how you ain't perform right, how you ain't do this right."

Meek went on to discuss his old beef with Drake. "If you ask me about why I came at Drake, I don't even fucking really really really know," he said after talking about using drugs. "Everybody be saying Nicki and shit, that wasn't the case. They always had their relationship before me... I could never let that be the one reason why i'm mad at him.... I just ain't really know when I look back."


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He also briefly touched on the impact of Nipsey Hussle, with Charlamagne asking Meek whether it's possible to get successful and stay where you're from. "I believe that the hood will kill you," he said at the 59:30 point of the interview, mentioning how he "won't be seen in the hood" without a legal firearm. From there the two talked about the project Nip and Meek were working on prior to his death earlier this year.

"We was working on doing a project," he mentioned. "I started doing verses to ones and he started doing verses but we never finished," he added, explaining the project was "20 percent, 30 percent, not even halfway done."

Watch the full interview above.