Lizzo skyrocket into stardom this year. This has led people to try to explain her fame by diminishing her talent. Yet, the singer made it clear that her hard work and creativity is why people gravitate towards her.

On Monday, Lizzo took to Twitter and responded to a claim from Dr. Boyce Watkins that she's only popular because of America's "obesity epidemic."

"I’m popular because I write good songs and I’m talented and perform high energy hour and a half shows filled with love," Lizzo wrote. "The only person who needs to do better is you. Keep my name out ya mouth & look in the mirror before you come for me. Here’s the attention you ordered." 

Lizzo has combated body shaming since she first gained mainstream attention. Fans believe that trolls are targeting her weight because she's a woman. When responding to the same tweet as Lizzo, many pointed out that male artists like DJ Khaled don't receive these kinds of messages.