Kodak Black claims that he was abused and "laced with an unknown substance" while serving his prison sentence at Miami's Federal Detention Center. He detailed his experience via Instagram on Saturday.

The "ZEZE" rapper said the unknown substance gave him "an out of body experience and had me feeling like I was possessed and dying slowly." He says that he was able to get to the correctional officer's office in an attempt to receive medical attention, but was denied and the entire ordeal "left him in a state of paranoia."

Black, 22, said that he wants to "shed this light on police brutality and the tactics they use to cover their behinds." The rapper was sentenced to 46 months in prison in November.



He also talked about a fight he got into with a fellow inmate. "Shortly after I got into an altercation with an innate [sic]. This same CO who denied me medical attention, proceeded to pepper spray me which instantly impaired my vision and I was oblivious to who was punching and grabbing me repeatedly in the face," he said. "Even after I was on the floor they continued to strike me and deploy more people." Kodak claims that he was asking them to stop while he was trying to catch his breath.

"This near death experience felt like dogs were tearing at my skin while they were grabbing and beating me while I was under the influence of this unknown substance that mysteriously hasn’t popped up in my Urine analysis and mysteriously the inmate I was fighting with went home the next day," he continued.

Kodak says the incident left him beaten so badly, he was placed in a wheelchair. "I have been here for 45 days without commissary, hygiene, stressed out and on psych meds. Having to mourn the loss of my brother Juice World [sic] behind the doors. Prior to this, there were a few inmates who intentionally beat up ... An officer and no charges were filed."

He later described a prison fight that occurred back in October that left a guard hospitalized.

"Meanwhile, I get into a fight with another inmate and this officer jumps in to inflict harm on himself and capitalize on my status as a local celebrity," he said. "I had officers tell me that the CO was ok that night and that he is trying to go this route. Because he self-checked himself in the hospital. I have also heard officers tell me that the CO has been back to FDC and bragging that he will her [sic] a quarter million from me."

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