When Cashhtastic — now just 'Cashh' — made his grand return with a video of him surprising Steel Banglez and his pals at a studio, it was the uplifting, tear-jerking story of success we all needed. Even just viewed as a video of friends being reunited it was a joy to watch, but for fans it was an even more momentous occasion. Selfish as we are, we couldn't help but get excited at the possibility of new music on the horizon. 

That day is finally here because Cashh has just dropped the video for his new single, "Incognito". Backed by a shuddering, bass-heavy instrumental from Deanyboy, Cashh hungrily chomps through the beat, effortlessly switching up his various flows with reckless abandon. As he shows off his different on-mic personas, the video (which Cashh co-directed with Kevin Hudson) follows each alias as they plan a heist together and make their way to the job.

Clearly this time away has left him a tightly-wound ball of creative energy because it's all come rushing to the fore here, both on the mic and in front of the camera. This is just the start though; "Incognito" is no doubt just a prelude to what we're sure will be a phenomenal 2020 for the rapper. 

Speaking on the track, Cashh said: "Being incognito was my reality for seven months! I returned to the UK in March 2019, but I wasn't ready to share the good news with the public, I firstly wanted spend quality time with my family and intricately plan how I was going to announce my return."