Bad Gyal is putting an unfaithful dude on blast in her new single "Zorra."

The dancehall-infused track premiered Thursday morning along with its official music video directed by MANSON, a collective consisting of Pau López, Gerardo del Hierro, and Tomás Peña. The visual (produced by CANADA) centers on a guy who has been hooking up with different women behind their backs, but it isn't long before the ladies come together and figure out they're being played.

"Working with Scott Storch was a really good experience, I really enjoyed it and I feel lucky of recording on his beat," Bad Gyal told Complex. "Filming the video was also a great experience because I already knew Tomas. We've worked together on other videos and we really get on well with each other. I always like his ideas, I always feel comfortable with them, so when we talked for the first time about this idea i knew the result was going to be magnificent."

You can watch the video for "Zorra"—produced by Scott Storch and Sick Drumz—above.

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