Maxo Kream had to teach a fan that throwing things at people isn't polite. 

Early on Sunday morning, a video surfaced of Maxo jumping into the crowd after being splashed by a drink. Due to the timing of the video and his tour schedule, the incident probably took place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Initially, fans thought the drink was water. In a now-deleted tweet, the rapper confirmed he was actually hit with beer. Maxo quickly located the assailant and dove off the stage to get his revenge. He and his team unleashed a flurry of punches.

This isn't the first time Maxo and his team have made an example out of a fan. During a show at the Alamo City Music Hall in March 2018, a concertgoer threw an object at the stage and hit Maxo. Like Sunday's incident, Maxo identified the audience member. His security then poured water on her.

After catching heat for that incident, Maxo took to Instagram where he claimed he wanted security to escort her out of the building rather than humiliate her.

"I’m a grown man with sisters and a mother. If anybody was to pour water on them they’ll get dealt with. What happened to Asha is some bullshit that should happen to nobody," Maxo said. "I wanted security to escort her out not pour water on her. She paid money to see me and have a good time, not get embarrassed. I'mma fix this on God."