Tory Lanez weighed in on Drake's controversial set at Camp Flog Gnaw on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles, diving into the root causes of Drizzy's bad night in nearby Dodger Stadium. 

Lanez said Drake was set up to fail, with the crowd anticipating an unannounced set from Frank Ocean. "I think personally if the people weren't waiting on somebody else in that moment...I don't think that it would have been that," he said. "They were at such a high expectancy to see something and to see somebody at that moment."

"Any other crowd, anywhere he goes, people would be ecstatic," he added.

Lanez revealed Drake was a good sport about the whole affair, noting that they were joking about his set shortly after. "We was deadass on a text laughing about it," he said. "It was like 'Boy, you know you had no business being at Camp Flog Gnaw.'"

That tracks with Drake's public-facing reaction. He trolled the negative attendees on Instagram by announcing he had been booked as a headliner at the fest for the next decade. 

Lanez also defended Tyler, the Creator's decision to put Drake in the close-out spot, stressing that that is where the hitmaker belongs.

"It's still Drake," Lanez said of the possible mismatch. "Drake is a finishing act."

Lanez went on to reveal what he would do if he was in Drake's shoes. He said he would overwhelm the crowd with the artist's sheer number of hits, running through well-known songs with no time in between for the crowd to turn sour.

"Kid's got like 106 of them," he said. "Them kids would have sang at one of them joints."