Summer Walker has had to deal with a lot of rumors since being thrust into the spotlight. This has caused her to cancel most of her tour so that she can manage the anxiety brought on by her newfound fame. Even though her performance schedule is considerably shorter, Walker is still having issues.

On Tuesday, Summer Walker took to Instagram Live where she addressed some of the stories that have been surfacing. First, the singer insists that she takes showers. In October, Walker turned a lot of heads when she posted her "wash bowl" and claimed that she didn't like showers. After the comment became a running joke, Walker decided to explain that she prefers baths over showers but she does take them.

"I wash my motherfucking ass," Walker said. "What I said was 'I don't like to take showers.' I still take them daily. I prefer baths but I take them daily. A lot of people say they don't like to work out but they get fat ass to the gym and they still work out. A lot of people say they don't like to eat healthy but they still eat their motherfucking vegetables. I don't like to take showers."

Walker has also come under fire for her behavior at her shows. Walker has been criticized for her stage presence as well as the way she interacts with fans. So when she showed up hours late to her performance in Toronto, fans assumed that this was another antic. The fact that she posted pictures of herself with Drake on her Instagram while they were waiting for her didn't help her case.

During her live session, Walker states that her show was delayed due to an issue at the border and not because she was hanging out with Drake.

"Toronto's borders are out of this fucking world," Walker said. "They held my motherfucking truck up with all my equipment, my band equipment, that motherfucking thing in the back of me that be spinning. They held all that shit up at the border for mad long... So bitch how we gonna play a show with no drums, no fucking mics, and no motherfucking guitars. See it's out of my motherfucking control!"

Walker also addressed criticism she received from Wendy Williams. "When people tell you what’s literally going on with them and then people still continue to bully them," she said. "Like Wendy fucking P. Williams, that bad built bitch. I don’t even understand how she could ever, looking how she looking. Let me stop... because I didn’t come on here to spread negativity. I just came on here to explain myself.”

Summer Walker addresses Wendy Williams and people making fun of her on the internet after opening up about her anxiety.

“This is how people commit suicide.”

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