A Patreon account that was believed to be run by R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend Joycelyn Savage has been taken down by the site.

The website told TMZ that they shut down the account after attempting to verify the account holder's identity. 

"After multiple unsuccessful attempts to verify the identity of the account holder, we closed the Patreon page allegedly associated with Joycelyn Savage due to potential impersonation," they said. "All patrons who signed up for the membership page were refunded and the creator did not receive any funds."

A person thought to be Savage teased the Patreon account on Instagram. She said she would parcel out stories about and claims of abuse on the platform, which allows subscribers to support people (largely creatives) in exchange for exclusive content. The Instagram promised daily posts diving deep into her story. 

The former staunch defender of Kelly had seemingly turned on the disgraced singer, if the account was actually her. 

"Things I am going to reveal that was sweared not to see the day of light—by NDA," she said. "I am risking my life for many others. ‪This story is 18+ and only for mature audience, I want to make sure my story is very detailed as I can remember."

When the account was spreading as an outlet for Savage, Kelly's attorney criticized the decision to sell her story for money. 

"It is unfortunate that Jocelyn now seeks to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert," Greenberg said.

Patreon could not confirm the identity of the account holder and will refund all of the subscribers who signed up for updates.