While we balk at capitalism and related fuckeries on Friday, what better soundtrack to these woes than another new song from Grimes?

"My Name Is Dark"—written, produced, and engineered by Grimes—arrived Friday and is the latest song to be released from her upcoming Miss_Anthrop0cene album. Fans will note that the new track was originally titled "That's What the Drugs Are For" and first made its existence known via a snippet in an Apple "Behind the Mac" ad.

Stream the new track, featuring art by the Popovy Sisters and creative direction by Ryder Ripps, below.

"My Name Is Dark," notably, arrives on the one-year anniversary of the release of lead Miss_Anthrop0cene single "We Appreciate Power." In the months between, Grimes has also shared "Violence" and "So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth." The final tracklist revealed that plans had been altered slightly, with the excellent "We Appreciate Power" now being relegated to bonus track status.

The full 10-track album, Grimes' first since Art Angels back in 2015, arrives Feb. 21 via 4AD.

Fittingly, Art Angels has been discussed amid the assortment of Best Albums of the 2010s rankings in recent weeks. Here's to hoping 2020 proves to be a musically prolific year for the proven futurist.