Following a consistent stream of visual drops this year, South London rapper Dex Man unveils Dexterity—an 8-track project that he hopes will leave an impression on the UK music scene.

"Whatever mood somebody's in, there's something on Dexterity for them," Dex Man tells Complex, and he might just be right. Dexterity is a neat collection of gritty street raps over mellow, bouncy production; Dex is also backed by a strong support cast of South London rhymers such as Snap Capone, Mr. Ree, and S Wavey. 

"I've been making music since I was young," he adds, "but I started being consistent within the past three years, dropping singles every other month, and I decided it was time to put a project together that shows how diverse and creative I am in regards to making music for the masses."

If you're not already up to speed on Dex Man, plug into Dexterity below.