WRKINSILENCE manages to bear his soul without showing his face.

The Riverside County, California artist, who is proudly unsigned and independent, first came to listeners' attention in July of last year with "Fall." Since then, he has garnered praise from the likes of Kevin Durant, PNB Rock, and Belly, and one of his tracks even made it into a Jake Paul video. 

Now, WRKINSILENCE is premiering his new video for "Oh Woah." The track talks about how he's better off by himself. It's a sentiment, WRKINSILENCE tells Complex, that is all too real.

"Unlike a lot of people, I feel the happiest when I’m alone. Some say, that might be a sign of depression. But I don’t feel depressed, at least that’s what I think. Relationships of all sorts - I’ve ruined most of them due to my mental numbness, and lack of emotional presence. I’ve been judged, and characterized as mysterious, quiet, and at times unfriendly. None of those really represents who I am. In 'Oh Woah' what I’m really trying to depict is that I don’t care to share my time with you or allow you to feel my energy."

You can watch the video for "Oh Woah" above.