Pulling the plug on a relationship is never easy. Even when you think you're making the right decision, it can be easy to lose objectivity and become weighed down by indecision. As West London singer-songwriter Wildes' new song "Stay" tells us, it's easy enough to talk about, but actually putting that into practice is a whole different animal. Delivered with a stunning vocal performance, the mounting pain that comes with self-doubt bursts through the track, giving the production, from Karen O collaborator Sam Cohen, a heartbreaking and tragic air.

Speaking with Complex via email, Wildes told us: "'Stay' is a song about the heartbreak and confusion that comes with leaving a relationship. As soon as you've made up your mind, memories come flooding back that suddenly make you unsure. 'Stay' is about the difficulty of weighing up the good and the bad, the wrong and the right in someone, to the point when you just don't know anymore. We're all helpless, it's our hearts that are in control."

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