Your favourite rapper's favourite producer, The Last Skeptik, is back! But this time, he's taking centre stage. 

Although revered for his work with rappers and MCs such as Trim, Nico Lindsay, Kojey Radical, Dream Mclean and more, this time it's Skeptik himself taking mic duties as he gives us a world-weary tale of all the characters you're likely to meet at a house party. Showcasing his razor-sharp wit with lines like Your breath smells bad / There's a girl in the corner with a guy who reminds her of her dad, there are also moments of existential dread as we gradually see how unhappy he really is.

He may be surrounded by revelers and the drinks may be flowing, but as the mask slips, we hear The Last Skeptik's darkest fears about the industry, his career, and his future. Take this one in exclusively above.