Bristol duo Robin Stewart and Harry Wright, aka Giant Swan, are currently finishing preparations for the arrival of their self-titled debut album, which drops November 8. Ahead of that, they're today unveiling the project's latest single "Pandaemonium", a devastating onslaught of caustic industrial textures and overwhelming techno power. If Harry were to be believed in his quote below, the new single is a catastrophic mish mash of mistakes and chaos, with the superior original lost to the mists of time. Whether you believe them or not, the version that we have today is a somewhat intimidating sign of what's about to hit us when the album drops. One thing's for sure — and we can't overstate this — "Pandaemonium" is not to be taken lightly.

Speaking with Complex via email, Harry told us: "This one was written specifically for the #CLUB. I came up with the original bass riff, but then I quickly ruined it and then Rob un-ruined it and made it SICK and added amazing vocals and more drums and some lush detail. HOWEVER, he then managed to ruin it again and then I made it somehow even worse than that, and now what's left is this totally RUINED piece of music. You should've heard it at its peak though, oh boy!"

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