After making the move to Berlin, singer-songwriter Danny George has found a renewed energy that's put fire in his belly and a stack of new music waiting to see the light of day. The first of that new drove arrives today as he announces the impending release of his debut EP (Crushed Comfort, due early 2020) with lead single "Sincerity".

A plea for honesty and open communication within a relationship, "Sincerity" is richly textured and makes the absolute most of his electronic brand of soul music; his vocals are tender and pained, yet potent and full-bodied. With just a hint of the sort of haunting songwriting Tears For Fears were known for, it's clear his years as a behind-the-scenes songwriter have given him an acute understanding of how to trigger the most powerful emotional responses with his music.

Speaking with Complex via email, George told us: "The lyrics centre around the importance of sincerity and communication in a relationship. This can be a romantic relationship between two people or something completely different. The idea is that by not being sincere to yourself or a partner, your ideals are clouded, you are translucent and a ghostly image to the other person."