It was just three years ago that Huddersfield producer Barney Lister made the journey down to London to begin his career as a producer and he's made impressive progress so far. Last year he was invited into Mark Ronson's studio and it's all beginning to bear fruit as his debut EP rears its head on the horizon.

Before that, however, he's releasing his debut single, a joint effort with none other than grime scene warrior Trim. Together, the pair have crafted an anthem of disillusionment and indignation. Regardless of what side of the Brexit debate you fall on, the palpable air of bitterness and frustration of "The Isles" will surely resonate. 

"The Isles", which officially dropped today, also comes with a potent set of visuals from director Cieron Magat. Splicing together footage of the countless protests that have taken place across the country since the referendum was first announced, the mercurial electronics and Trim's stream of consciousness delivery come together like a call to arms, dripping in righteous indignation.

Take it in at the top and look out for the EP which drops later in the year.