To some degree, falls are an inevitability in live performances. For Lady Gaga, a Thursday night Las Vegas set resulted in a bit of a tumble during an impromptu dance moment with a fan.

Both Gaga and the fan in question ultimately fell off the stage during her Enigma show. The fall, however, was followed by a quick recovery as Gaga continued the set, later bringing the fan back onstage for some jokes about the incident.

"We're like Rose and Jack from Titanic," Gaga said.

Gaga's Vegas-set Enigma and Jazz & Piano shows will continue through May, with another Enigma one set for Saturday night. 

Fans are currently expecting the seemingly imminent arrival of a new full-length from Gaga, whose last solo studio album was 2016's excellent Joanne. Earlier this year, she told fans via Twitter that she was "pregnant with #LG6."