Jelani Aryeh revisited his striking debut EP with the release of the "Where We Go" video just last month, and now he's back with Helvetica.

More developed but just as captivating, the EP arrives after Jelani accompanied the likes of KennyHoopla, Gabriel Black, and Beabadoobee at Pigeons & Planes' recent No Ceilings NYC show. Inspired by the events in his life, his identity, the perception of time, and the very font it's titled after, Helvetica represents a bold evolution of Aryeh's sound.

"I feel that Helvetica is the font of the millennium," Aryeh explained of the inspiration behind the title. "It has this essence of familiarity and a currentness to it that immediately resonates with whoever sees it. It captures both the present and the future - where I’d like to dwell forever, but I often times find myself in the past, or hell, as I sometimes think of it." 

Combining disparate sounds from pop, outsider folk, and rap, Helvetica will appeal to fans of Frank Ocean. "The first syllable of Helvetica birthed the whole idea for this project," he continued. "Everyone has their own version of suffering or some personal hell, but growing up in this pixel-friendly generation, it’s so easy to hide behind the glass and influence the way the 'world' perceives us without actually letting anyone in. Even though we may appear ordinary, there’s so much going on behind each soul’s eyes that others are unaware of. This project is my best attempt to show you what is going on behind, in between, and beyond this highly melanated shell I reside in."

Listen to Helvetica in full above and grab it here.