A family's vacation to South Carolina took an interesting twist.

According to Beaufort County Sheriff's Maj. Bob Bromage, a family was walking along the beach at Fripp Island when they saw a large trash bag–wrapped package floating in the water. They fished the item out of the water and took it home on their golf cart. When they got back to their rental property, they cut it open and found 20 bricks of white powder. 

The family immediately notified the authorities. Per the police, the powder tested positive for cocaine. The total weight was close to 44 lbs. (20 kilos) of cocaine. The Post and Courier says the package is valued at more than $600,000, which Bromage believes is a "conservative estimate." 

Bromage claims drugs don't typically wash ashore at Fripp Island. The department and other local agencies are working to determine the package's origin. Bromage believes it was lost during Hurricane Dorian and pushed to the island by the winds. Federal or international authorities may take over the investigation depending on where it originated.