Netflix will debut its hip-hop reality competition series Rhythm + Flow next week, with judges Cardi B, T.I., and Chance the Rapper. To coincide with its imminent release, the judges stopped by Ellen to discuss how the show came together and what it's like judging rappers. 

Asked by Ellen who the harshest of the judges is at the 1:40 point of the above clip, Chance immediately joked, "It's definitely not Cardi." T.I. chimed with an impression of Cardi, to which she added, "It's always up to Chance."

Ellen also specifically questioned Cardi on whether she was harsher on women rappers than her fellow judges, and she said she "kinda" was. "When it comes to women I feel like you have to have the whole package," Cardi explained at the 3:00 mark. "You gotta have the right voice. Because let me tell you something, there's some women on Instagram that can rap but they voice is just like, I don't feel like people want to hear it for too long. ... You have to have the confidence, you almost have to be like, not even really like an open book, but everybody just wanna know you.

In a second Ellen clip, Nipsey Hussle's posthumous appearance in an episode of Rhythm + Flow was discussed. "The was the same night, actually, that we went to his Grammy nomination party," T.I. said of the day they recorded Nip's episode. "We had some laughs, it was a great time," he added with a smile.

Ellen went on to praise Cardi's role in Hustlers, which prompted her to complain about how long the days were on set. "You're not gonna do that again, are you?" Ellen asked. "Oh yes I am," she responded. "I'm going to film for a movie this month."