JAY-Z and Cam'ron made history when they decided to put to bed their longstanding beef. They presented this reconciliation at Hov's B-Sides 2 Show at Webster Hall earlier this year. During his conversation on the Rap Radar Podcast, Killa explained how the olive branch was extended. 

"It wasn't really big conversations," Cam said when asked about the events leading up to their performance. "Jim [Jones] called me and said, 'JAY wants you to perform.' I said, 'Cool, it's not a problem.' And then [OG] Juan called me with JAY-Z we spoke for about 3-4 minutes. Talked just to smooth everything out. Everybody was cool we ain't talk about no bullshit or nothing. And then we did the show. We spoke the next day for a minute and that was that."

Although Cam'ron and JAY-Z might not ever be the best of friends, Killa explained that Jigga never impeded on his business. "When I had to do what I had to do, I had to get six signatures to do anything which was Lyor Cohen's, Julie Greenwald, Kevin Lies, Biggs, JAY-Z, and Dame [Dash] and JAY-Z signed off on anything whether it was Diplomats, Juelz, or anything that I did. Maybe we might not have been on the same page personally, but business-wise he never held me up from doing anything."

The freedom that Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella provided Cam allowed him to elevate past being just a rapper. Killa showed promise as an actor and was tapped for several movie roles. Although he had standout roles in some films, he didn't make the transition to Hollywood. By doing this, he missed out on co-starring in a movie with Tom Hanks. "I'm a super big Tom Hanks fan... But it was like one of the worse movies Tom Hanks was in," Cam said after revealing that he also passed up a role in Next Friday.

Aside from entertainment, there was a short period where Cam'ron was sought out by journalists to provide commentary on hip-hop and the black community. This resulted in two iconic moments. One was his 2003 appearance on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor and the other was a 2007 interview with 60 Minutes. Killa told Rap Radar that a lot of his responses to Anderson Cooper's questions were edited out of the final version. This resulted in Cam'Ron telling Cooper that he'd rather move out of his home if a serial killer lived next door to him than call the police and snitch.

"The edited out what they wanted to edit out," he explained. "I told them it's not my job to do your job... and they didn't put the part when I was like the blue shield of silence... Police do a lot of dirt... A lot of stuff they ain't put in that."

Similar to his appearance on 60 Minutes, Cam'ron told Rap Radar that he puts an emphasis on telling the truth. Although he was able to mend his issues with JAY-Z, this focus on honesty has cause beef with other rappers. Recently, Cam reignited his feud with Mase as well as going in on Kanye West's new outlook on life. "Even with Mase and Kanye or whatever, I don’t ever really go hard, to tell the truth. I just be saying what happened and then people are like, 'He dissed him,'" he said. "I never dissed nobody. I’ve never dissed these people. I just really be saying what happened and because you state what happens, it’s like, 'Oh, he dissed him or you went hard on him.'"

On his track, "Coleslaw," Cam'ron called Kanye out for the way he handled his beef with JAY-Z. He also called the artist an "Uncle Tom" on the song "Intro: Stay Down" from Dipset's 2018 album, Diplomatic Ties. 

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