Angela Yee insists she isn't pressed about the recent drama between her and Gucci Mane.

"I just don't really care. It doesn't affect me, like, it's not going to affect anything we have going on. I'mma just continue to do my job," she told Too Fab, before theorizing Gucci was pulling a publicity stunt. "I guess it's just par for the course. Every now and then, some person does something—somebody says something crazy about us and then they get a little press out of it. And then life continues. As long as he said we didn't actually do anything, I'm fine."

The Yee vs. Gucci beef was reignited earlier this month, when the latter took to Instagram claiming he was banned from Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, which Yee co-hosts alongside DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God. Guwop said he was banned from the show following a 2016 interview in which he claimed Yee had tried hooking up with him 10 years ago.

"She done tried," the rapper said on air. "She was on my dick back then."

Yee, who was sitting right next to Gucci, denied his claims.

Gucci would go on to say that he was never officially "banned" from The Breakfast Club; however, the show has always denied his requests for interviews. During a recent sit-down with Charlamagne, the rapper accused Yee and Envy of having a vendetta against him.

"It came from that punk-ass bitch," he said, referring to Yee. "And DJ Envy. He's a pussy, too. Envy's pussy, man ... I'mma confront him about what he and Angela did, and if he come at me wrong, I'mma slap the shit out him. It ain't gonna be his first time getting slapped."

Yee reiterated that Gucci's comments were untrue, and said it was unlikely that Gucci would ever return to The Breakfast Club

"Not when you threaten to slap one of the hosts. I don't think that's the smart thing to do," she told Too Fab. "If you're going to threaten to slap a host on the show I don't think you should be allowed in the building. We take those things seriously."

Yee went on to say she was just happy that Gucci's alleged lies ended there, and that he didn't claim they had any sexual encounters.

"I think people who know me, know me well enough to know, like, I wouldn't [hook up with him]," she said. "Just Google what he looked like in 2009 and you’ll see what I’m talking about."