Although London singer-songwriter Cosima collaborates a lot, she's made a point of always having a guiding hand in every step of her creative process, leaving nothing to chance. Her new single, "Close To You (Moonlighting)" is a prime example. Co-written with Matt Parad (who also co-produced the track with Sega Bodega and Duncan James), Cosima also directed and starred in the track's video, which you can watch exclusively at the top.

In the video, Cosima takes centre stage as she performs a beautifully choreographed dance routine and the spotlight of what looks like an old theatre. Putting the full focus on herself, you're able to fully absorb the lyrics and the story of not realising how bad a relationship was until it was over begins to resonate in ways you weren't expecting.

Speaking with Complex via email, Cosima explained: "'You were something cruel moonlighting as something special' was the line I wrote in my notebook while I was in the relationship that inspired the song. Some things you can't see for what they are until they are over. This song is about exactly that."

"Close To You (Moonlighting)" is out now on Cosima's own South Of Heaven Records, released in partnership with London-based company Platoon.